Portuguese Economy Research Report

This forum is dedicated to research on the Portuguese Economy. All scientific research on the Portuguese economy is welcome, namely research produced in the context of Master’s dissertations, PhD thesis, or that circulates as working papers, as well as published work (articles, chapters, and books). 

To add a paper to this forum, submit the title of your research, abstract, JEL codes, keywords and the authors’ names and their affiliation, and a link to the piece of research. Works and discussions are only accepted in English.

This page is curated by Professor Rui Alburquerque, currently teaching and researching at Boston College. His main research interests are in asset pricing and corporate governance.

The forum runs independently from the Portuguese Economic Journal (PEJ) and papers published on the blog have no obligation or right towards the journal. The forum is not affiliated with any religion, political parties and ideologies. Participants are responsible for opinions expressed therein.